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When it comes to sewing, Nana always says that things need to look as good on the inside as they do on the outside.

When I first decided to create Hopscotch Baby, I went to visit my Nana.   She brought out her vintage bloomer pattern and we sat together at the old Singer where she sewed school formal dresses for her daughters in the 60s, and later wedding dresses for them in the 70s.  In the 80s and 90s she moved onto outfits for her grandchildren – including me.

We worked for hours to adjust the pattern so that it was just right, and she ran quality assurance on every piece I finished.

If it wasn’t perfect, she made me rip it out and start again.

Trust me, I had to rip out a lot of seams.

But having that special time with her helped to cement what I wanted Hopscotch to be about – simply designed, lasting pieces that you will want to pass on to a dear friend instead of Vinnies.  It also made it so I was really darned good at sewing these things.  Ask me to sew you something else and no way, but gorgeous bloomers – piece of cake!

When I was little, my mum ran a daycare and sold beautiful children’s clothes that she made in the front window, so I guess you could say sewing is in my blood.  A few months ago she told me that she saw a little girl walking down the street wearing one of the outfits she made in the late 80s.  Hearing that nearly made me cry, and I hope that in 30 years I run into a pair of Hopscotch bloomers walking down the road.  How special would that be?

Thanks for visiting and if I can help you out with any questions please get in touch.

Arwen & Team Hopscotch x